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Scoring Made Easy

No matter how complex evaluation process is, AwardsOnline will make it easy for you and your judges. Collection, formulas and access is translated in a much comprehensive way in the system.

No need for judges to collect, summarise and conduct timely examination, the system automatically summarised, ranked and allows real time monitoring and tracking of assigned submissions for evaluations.


Mobile Responsive Scoresheets

Judges can perform their duties in their own phase. Cloud-based and mobile responsive scoresheets gave evaluators convenience and a much more focused assessment. They can update anytime and finish their duties promptly.

Summarized Results

Summarising judging result can be timely. Using AwardsOnline, immediate result can be facilitated. Multi-stage of judging is supported. Reports are generated and produced in diffrent format.

Online Collaboration

Communication among judges is important. Online chat and collaboartion is supported by the system. Judges can be in diffrent places and can participate actively in posting their feedbacks online.

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