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Improved User Experience

AwardsOnline is easy to use, easy to manage and has a lot of improved user facilities. Valuing our customer's time and effort is our key target in creating smooth process in using the system.

The system allows user's to concentrate in the submission content and eliminate worries in using the system.


Responsive & Mobile Friendly

A cloud - based, mobile responsive application that you can access anytime and anywhere. Update your entry anytime, using your mobile device. The system is designed to run on multiple devices and compatible with diffrent browsers.

Simplified Submission Process

AwardsOnline helps awards facilitator simplify their tedious awards process by creating simplified steps in an award submission. How user's navigate and how they want to make everything easy is already carried out in the system.

Online Help

Users would want immediate feedback and immediate help, so AwardsOnline provides online help. Via Online Help, awards facilitators can foster a good customer relations by providing on hand support and monitor customer concerns.

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